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Latest News

February 2023

Warren’s latest book, two plays “Warped Mirrors” and “Swimming in the Styx” are now available in paperback or kindle form. “Warped Mirrors” is a stage play on themes of philosophy, madness and unrequited love. “Swimming in the Styx”, a radio play in five scenes, is a black comedy. Available from Amazon or directly from the playwright.

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September 2021

“Cryptic Exits”, Warren’s book of science fiction and fantasy short stories is now available from Amazon or directly by order from bookshops.

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September 2019

“Striped Leopards” the new novel by Warren Scott-Morrow is now available. Against a backdrop of Oxford, Guernsey, Scotland, Europe (including the Arctic) and Suffolk – three idiosyncratic men wander through life’s rich tapestry. Although very different from one another, they are linked in ways they are not aware of. stripedRebuilt5-page001.jpegTowards the end of the story, full awareness reveals itself in unexpected circumstances. Once the truth is out will it unite or destroy them? Despite the grimness when questions are finally answered, it is a comedy – albeit with surreal elements. Evoking smiles and frowns, often in the same sentence, they make their way to their own individual (or collective) destinies. Available from Amazon as paperback or as e-book.



September 2018: A FLOCK OF BLACK SHEEP is the new novel by Warren Scott-FOB kindlecover.jpgMorrow (aka Martoc) published by Anglo-Astral Publications. Available to order from most bookshops or from Amazon. There is also a kindle version. More details here.






September 2018 As “For Alien Ears” and “Rejected By A Crystal Sigh” have sold out as CDs they have now been made available as digital downloads on Bandcamp. Individual songs from those two albums are available there too.


June 2016 Mutant Crazy is the 11th solo album of Martoc on Esoteric Music. It has just been released (June 2016). It contains 13 songs by Martoc. Please click here for further details, text and lyrics.

And click here for ordering information,

text and lyrics.

Short cuts to listen: YouTube

"Don't ask me how I am" - click Here   

 "You’re not different" - click Here   

 "I am schizoid II" - click Here   

Or go to Soundcloud to hear

"Illegal Aliens" click Here

 "Spoiler Alert: The End of the World is Nigh" click Here

   "Thrown out of the Coldstream Guards" click Here



February 2016 The following albums can now be listened to on these sites: Spotify: Music for Alien Ears (the Japanese compilation ofearly Martoc recordings). Also on Spotify is the Martoc album Romance Under The Heavens. On Bandcamp: Restructuring the Fabric of our Existence by Arc Crocket and As Quiet As A Mouth by Martoc. Click here for .

March 2014 Japanese label EM Records releases compilation of early Martoc in vinyl LP, CD, and on line formats. Click here for EM Records link.

July 2013 New Album released! Restructuring the Fabric of our Existence by the duo Arc Rocket. Click here for further details

March 2012 New Abum released! Rebel Circuitry - Instrumental Album More details HERE

March 2010 Bad news for collectors but good news for me - the final Vinyl single has now sold - NO MORE VINYL EVER!

February 2010 Now only one vinyl single left - please go to Vinyl page for details.

October 2009 AS QUIET AS A MOUTH - Listen on MySpace - click Here - for four songs from As Quiet as a Mouth and six others from earlier albums

August 2009 AS QUIET AS A MOUTH -

August 2008 GOODBYE TO CASSETTES All ten Martoc-related albums were available on CD and cassette. Last week the final cassette sold. There will be no more ever again! Most of you will be delighted, but to those who are devastated I extend my deepest sympathies. Maybe you can track them down on Ebay if you are so inclined.

June 2008 All Vinyl albums now sold (Constance - France - congratulations). There are still the final last vinyl singles - see vinyl page - and then these early songs will be only available on CD

November 2007 Only one each of the two MO'C vinyl albums FOR ALIEN EARS and REJECTED BY A CRYSTAL SIGH. (France and Italy have been the most recent recipients) Contact Martoc for details.

May 2007 Vinyl Singles available - a very few rare Martoc singles See details on: Vinyl page

May 2006 New Various Artists album United we Divide, Fallen we Stand Divided

June 2006 "The Future Is Esoteric: The Best of Martoc": Now is your opportunity to buy the first Best of Martoc album - try Pumf Records click here

July 2005 "Terminal Burn-out Or A Cryogenic Suicide?": The eighth solo album from Martoc has just been released and is available from this website on CD and Cassette. See details on: Terminal Burn-out/Cryogenic Suicide

April 2006

July 2005 "Terminal Burn-out Or A Cryogenic Suicide?": The eighth solo album from Martoc has just been released and is available from this website on CD and Cassette. See details on: Terminal Burn-out/Cryogenic Suicide

June 2004 Mars Blitz: The seventh solo album from Martoc released and is available from this website on CD and Cassette. See details on: Mars Blitz

December 2003. Bad news for Vinyl collectors in relation to the rare Martoc singles. See details on the Vinyl page: Vinyl Analysis

June 2003. Now Out: Romance Under The Heavens - Relaxation music for the 21st Century.. The new Martoc solo album available on CD and cassette. Prices available on request.

Local Links Why not contact Riko Burrows - Engineer!





Inspired initially by the Channel Islands with a soupcon of mental illness (an enduring interest), Martoc has launched eight solo singles (now collectors items) and eight solo albums plus a group album - 'Albatrocity' by 'Nero's Acolytes' (billed on Radio City in Oxford in 1998). Other coverage has included John Peel playing 'Navigator through Nowhere' off the debut album 'For Alien Ears', and 'Love is Dead', a single produced by his erstwhile group 'Those Obnoxious Types', and 'Avoid the Void' from the most recent album 'Traffic is Psychomatic', played on the Oxford radio station Oxygen FM.

Internet coverage has included being record of the month for at least 6 weeks on London Unlimited with 'Army Robots' off the same album.

Martoc releases his own music, sometimes working with others (as in 'Those Obnoxious Types', and the more recent group ' Nero's Acolytes') but more often working alone with synthesizer, drum machine, guitar and hand percussion. He writes his own lyrics, with occasional cover versions. Recently he has started promoting his music on the internet, including a presence on (look for the peoplesound artists and search on Nero's Acolytes) and on vitaminic, as well as maintaining his own web site, with some RealAudio tracks.

After a series of quirky individualistic solo gigs (Guernsey, Birmingham, Northampton and Oxford) Martoc is no longer performing live, at least for the forseeable future (but temptations to break this resolve may yet be too much for him...).

Influences: Kraftwerk, Pixies, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, manic depression, extra terrestrial cultures.


Last updated : 1st March  2023

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